Tuesday, April 10, 2007

16 weeks

Hello all. Sorry, no pictures to post this time but I thought I should post at least something to let you know how we're doing. I am 16 weeks along now and feeling SO much better. I have more energy and spend much less time on the couch after work. I am getting a small bump but nothing too noticeable. My parents and my sister came down for Easter and we had a great weekend. Of course the time went too fast but it was fun to see everyone. Our condo is coming along nicely and Peter and our friend Matt installed the tile this weekend. There is lots to do before it is ready but we are taking one task at a time. It is keeping Peter busy and I am going to start going through all the junk we have in our house so we can fit into a smaller space. It is all very exciting. Here is the baby this week: http://www.babycenter.com/mybabycenter/116.html

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Gumma Joanie said...

We had a great time too. It was so fun to see you guys and your condo-in-the-making. Keep us posted on Reece and Matt and the babies.