Monday, July 30, 2007


We have lots to update the world about but unfortunately the internet is not working in our house right now so no pictures until next week. However, lots of great news!

I had a check up last Tuesday and everything is still doing perfectly. Weight, blood pressure, size, everything, is just great. Only 8 weeks to go! Everyone says it is really close but I still feel like it is still a long way away. Especially since I seem to have no room for the baby except in my ribs! Not comfortable. Other than some pretty constant acid reflux, being tired all the time, and not being able to eat much, I am doing great. We set the baby's crib up yesterday and it becomes more real all the time. I have started washing all the baby's things and I can't wait to get everything set up. We need to unpack all the boxes we stuck in his room first! All in all, we are excited and nervous and can't wait to meet our little boy.

Peter applied for a job at a software company earlier this summer in hopes of being able to make some more money so that the baby and I could stay home this fall. He had one interview before we went to Alaska and then one right when we got back. We were trying to trust the Lord but still wondering exactly what His plan was and what we were going to do if Peter didn't get the job. Well, I am happy to report that today was Peter's first day at his new job! Praise the Lord! He found out last Monday that he is going to be technical support for Choicepoint and will make enough to support us and I can stay home and care for our baby! I am sad that Peter will not be teaching because he is such an excellent teacher but I know the benefits, financial and emotional, of this job outweigh the benefits of him being a teacher. I am so blessed to have a husband willing to go out and seek a job out of his comfort zone just so his wife can stay home and care for his children. I can't express my joy in words! Because of his job, I am leaving my job at the end of August and I am able to take a day a week off starting the second week in August. My body needs it! The Lord is so faithful, even when we doubt!


Kelsey said...

this is all such great news, especially about peter getting a job. i was just thinking about you two yesterday and was wondering how that search was going. what a great thing to happen this close to your due date (eight weeks! so fast!). glad to hear all is going well and you are being blessed so much. love to you both!

Joanie said...

We are so proud of you guys! Congratulations, Peter! I knew your charming personality would win those big city guys over! Looking forward to seeing you soon!