Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally Home!

The family made it home yesterday with somewhat mixed emotions - anxious, tired, and excited. We've already called the doctor once because of Kalen's breathing (I've gotten quite good with a flash light and I know now what a booger looks like in a baby's nose and also how to take it out...ahaha), and revisited the lactation nurse since yesterday morning. Everything is of course excellent. Kalen has gained two ounces since yesterday (they hope for one ounce every day - so of course God and Kalen are proving themselves worthy of our praise). Naomi and Kalen are both sleeping now and I thought I'd post yet another picture (I'm sure you guys don't mind). We learned a few soothing techniques before we left the hospital. I'm hoping that the combination of this position (picture above) along with shushing will continue to bode well for me as it is one of Kalen's favorite positions (can you tell?! :) ). Life is absolutely blissful and I can not tell you the amount of pride I feel as I glance over at my son as I write this. I want to thank you all for your prayers - they were all felt and answered in the delivery room. If you get a chance to call or post a note on this blog, please tell Naomi how proud you are of her for her strength and patience during the delivery and as a new mom. I know she will tell you it wasn't her but God, yet we all know that it takes a special woman to be filled by His strength and trust in His mighty plan. I love you all, and may God bless each and everyone of you.
Papa Bear


Jamie said...

Peter and Naomi, I am so happy for you. What an amazing little man! I love his name. I will be praying for you as you transition from 2 people to 3 in your little family. I can't wait to meet the little guy. You are going to be the greatest parents. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Jamie Bruce

northwestharveys said...

Keep the pictures coming! This one is great. He is so at peace in the arms of his dad :)

Peter is right, Naomi you truly are worthy of praise for your strength and patience. This reflects just the beginning of what a wonderful and unconditional mother I know you will be.

Rachel Berg said...

I love this picture. He is absolutely perfect. Take care and may God bless you in your new adventures.

Kiersten said...

Beautiful. I have a picture of Dad holding me like that when I was a baby, also looking blissful; life keeps coming full circle.

Naomi, I am so proud of your endurance and strength. That patience is a blessing that will serve you well.

So much love to your family from ours

Kiersten, Mike and Liam

kelsey said...

i doubt phone calls are really welcome in full right now, so i'll leave a post. i feel like i'm repeating myself, but you guys are so lucky and will be the best parents. both of you deserve praise and prayers. hope naomi is getting plenty of sleep, as well as baby kalen. love to all 3 of you now!

Deeapaulitan said...

Peter and Naomi, WOW! What an amazing thing new life is ~ and how much more precious when it is a life you have created together, struggled for, and waited for. God is more than good, He is absolutely incredible! He made us for this purpose. Doesn't it just feel right? Perfect, in fact? Blessings as you rest and recouperate and find the unforced rhythms of grace that He has given for such a time as this.
(((Hugs))) Deea

Anonymous said...

Peter and Naomi and Kale....

wishing you many blessings and all the best your world can hold as you learn your way into parenting (Peter and Naomi), and into being in this world, Kale!

i've enjoyed following the growth of Naomi's tummy all along through pictures and blog writings, and expect that Kale's presence now is well worth the wait.

Kiersten, i, too, thought exactly of your Dad and i holding you when you were tiny, just like Peter is holding Kale, and the picture i took that you now have. that was one of your favorite positions and it looks like Kale likes it, too!

be well, new family together. you've got a lot of love coming your way!
LauraLee (Kiersten's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Hello Moore Family...I just wanted to say congrats on the beautiful baby...what a little cutie...It has been a lot of fun fallowing your story what a great idea (blog)...hope all continues to go well with your new family

take care

Dave and Laurie said...

Hey, great pics..we are proud of naomi..and you Peter! Keep praying and rasing a godly young man!

Dave and Laurie said...

Hey, great pics..and story! We are praying for you guys!