Wednesday, September 12, 2007

first bath and auntie em

Peter's sister Emily came to visit us and of course just loves her little nephew.
A little foot sticking out during bath time.
Washing Kale's hair, we are just sponge bathing him now since his umbilical cord hasn't come off yet. He did not exactly enjoy this bath but he cried enough that he exhausted himself and slept for 4 hours between feedings.
Just swingin'.


Joanie said...

I can tell he is growing just from the pictures! How does he like the swing? I am gonna scan those baby pictures of you and send them tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

He is sooo cute....Yes, just looking at the pictures it looks like he is growing and changing!Love you, Aunt Sally

kelsey said...

I just love that last picture you put up! What a precious and beautiful face. Makes me (almost) excited for my own (someday...)!

Anonymous said...

Hey Moore family of 3. Congrats! Kale is so cute. Can't wait to see him. We may be heading your way around the first part of Oct. Heading up to see Cassie in Seattle, take the route to Bozeman before coming back home. We have to see Kale, and of course everyone else. Will keep you informed. Love you guys, Gary and Pat

Micah said...

I seriously laughed when I saw the whole "foot sticking out during bath time" pic. That's great! I can just see the caption now... "Ahh! Get me outta here! Did I say you could do this? I swam around for nine months and I'm not about to do it again! Dad, help!! Here, grab my foot!" Anyway, I bet he's well-behaved in the bath.