Friday, November 30, 2007

love those ears!
he has recently discovered his fist
he holds it in the air whenever he is on his back, always the left arm


Becky said...

What an interesting fellow you are! A left hook, serious, pointed chin and ears for listening...who ARE you? You are the one who is loved beyond measure, for sure!
I love you Kale!

northwestharveys said...

He is becoming such a mix of the two of you as he gets older. Those ears though..whose are those? In all, he is such a cutie. It's fun to see him discover things.

peter and naomi said...

apparently when i was a baby, i had ears like that. my gramma wanted to tape them back with scotch tape. we're not to that point yet with kale!

Joanie said...

Happy 3 month Birthday, little Kale!! Looking forward to some "tummy time" photos!! :)
Love, Gramma J