Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Different Perspective

When you watch someone discovering life for the first time, you can't help but look at things from a new perspective as well. The time I get to spend hanging out with Kale after work is sometimes what gets me through the day. Today was no different.

Watching...watching...soaking it all in

This is what life would be like if Kale was a gold fish (in case you were wondering).

He loves observing from his exersaucer.

You be the judge...disturbing or intriguing picture?

And when he's done hanging out...HE'S DONE HANGING OUT.
(post and pics by peter)


kelsey said...

love this post! what fun. also, love "the namesake" and "into the wild." i hope you and peter enjoy reading them as much as i did. you should do a post like i did on my most important books. i'd love it!

rebecca said...

Great photos! I think you have a talent we didn't know about.

Anonymous said...

Naomi you are so creative in Kale's stories, he is absolutely brilliant! I know. xoxxo Aunt sally

peter and naomi said...

just a little fyi-peter took all the pictures and posted them. he is the talented one in the family!-naomi