Friday, January 11, 2008

(Just needed a picture to show and his little biscuits are so cute!)
Parenthood Lesson #72975: Your child will sleep through the night eventually, more than one night in a row. He will sleep from 7pm to 6am and you will feel like a new person the next morning when he continues to sleep until 8:30.


Joanie said...

Boy, I'm glad I didn't have the computer connected to the smartboard when I checked the blog this morning!! Parenting Lesson # 72976: Your child will be horrified when his gramma shows him the picture she saved on her computer when he is 10 years old! Don't worry though, by that time my memory will be so bad, I won't remember that I saved it or where I saved it!

kelsey said...

just made me laugh! love it!

Addie said...

Baby biscuits are scrumptious. I get yelled at when I take pictures like that nowadays...

Praise the Lord for sleep! I'm so glad - and now that you know he can do it, you can let him cry it out if he wakes up again (if you can bear it). Sleep changes the look of everything and makes it all more beautiful!
Love you,