Sunday, January 20, 2008

Passing The Time

Since Oma Becky's delayed arrival, I've had to keep myself busy this weekend. I've tried to do things to pass the time, and quite frankly I'm running out of things to do! However in case you're wondering, here are a few things I've found that have helped with the painful anticipation of Oma's arrival...
Played with my good friends Mason (left) and Smith (right)

Since I wasn't there for Mommy and Daddy's wedding, I thought I'd take the chance and dance with Mommy today. Isn't Mommy beautiful?

I've also tried dancing on my own.

As we speak, Oma Becky and her good friend Moon are driving from Billings since they didn't want to attempt the tentative flights coming into Bozeman. After almost two full days of traveling from Memphis, TN to Bozeman, MT, we're hoping that they decide to never travel again and stay with us forever.


northwestharveys said...

All three of these frames are equally great! Look at Smith and Mason sit up on their own. And Kale fits right in with those fun to see them play together.

I am VERY impressed that you fit into your wedding dress months after you had a baby! You are one hot mamma! Such a beautiful dress.

And the dancing...too cute. I just realized that the song Kale's dancing to was the same song Liam danced to (and loved) when we went bowling in California. Must be something in the beat that makes cousins groove :)

Joanie said...

I hope Oma Becky is there safe and sound and warm!! I loved the dancing - You'll have to do one with Uncle Jon dancing too. I see you finally got to try on your dress again. You look great! Have a great time with Oma. Love you!

kelsey said...

super impressed by the wedding dress shot. and LOVED the dancing--how funny!

Anonymous said...

I forgot how much I loved your wedding dress....and look at you fitting in to it less than 6 months after having a baby!!! I can only hop....not that I am having a baby any time soon!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, wonderful pictures!!
love you guys, tons,always, Aunt Sally