Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5 months

kale at 4 months

kale at 5 months.

it may not look like he got much bigger but his clothes are changing how they fit. he is still our happy little guy and he has taken to shrieking and singing. he is constantly kicking and moving. i got him from his nap the other day and he had kicked out of his little jeans! he gets excited when he is hungry and he is about to be picked up. we've heard a few giggles but the situation has to be just right. he grabs at things now and is interested in touching people's faces. he is an excellent sleeper, going down around 7 at night and sleeping until about 7:30ish the next morning. i am always truly amazed when he does it! he takes a long nap in the morning and another in the afternoon and then a short one in the late afternoon. he is still just nursing and we will start some solid foods around 6 months. he strokes my chest when he eats and i love every second of it!

i love watching k-bug sleep. i am just so amazed how great of a sleeper he is!

some wanted to watch the superbowl and some wanted to pick for fleas
i leave these two alone for 2 minutes and look what happens.


northwestharveys said...

I love them I love them I love them! Those pictures are so great. I just can't get over what a happy baby he is. He will get along great with Liam-both boys love life and their family!

The second picture reminded me of how I picked peters burnt scalp when he came back from soccer camp in Colorado (in HS). Too funny!

love you guys so much!!!

Addie said...

I want to squeeze him and nuzzle his ears. What a dear little punkin!
Love you,