Saturday, February 2, 2008

b town

reese and i and our boys went to billings for a couple days this week, just to get away from our routine. we stayed with her parents and had a very nice time. it was fun to spend time with reese and discuss our lives and different ideas. i think the boys had a great time and didn't fight at all. except, by the look on kale's face, maybe someone whacked him.

we went swimming one morning and our little buddies were tuckered out!

coming back home to our daddies!

contrary to what it looks like in the pictures, they were allowed out of their carseats for a little bit.


northwestharveys said...

I laughed and clapped my hands together at how precious Kales face is in that first picture. It is so wonderful to see those three boys side by side. I'm glad you and Reese got a chance to step out of routine and spend time together. I bet Matt and Peter missed you guys though...or did they go hunting? :)

love you all!

kelsey said...

glad to know they got to get around and have fun! ;) does kale like the water? were you a mean/nice mom and make him go under water already?

Joanie said...

First picture is a classic! In defense of Mason and Smith, I can tell they are innocent since their arms couldn't reach far enough to whack Kale. I think he's upset cuz he didn't get a window seat!!
Love you more than ever!

Addie said...

Those are DEAR pics. I want to smooch them all. It was fun to see you guys tonight! Your little buddy is a keeper, that's for sure.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I am so bummed I did not get to see you guys!! I hope you do this again and I will for sure be there!

peter and naomi said...

kels-no, i did not put him under water. he seemed to like it but was too interested in sucking on his hands. linds-next time we will give you more notice! we missed you too!