Thursday, February 21, 2008


we were in hingham this last weekend to spend some time with my family. they hadn't seen kale since christmas and for them, that is a long time. peter took friday and monday off so we had some extra time up there and our trip didn't feel as rushed. we got to go out to dinner on sunday night for a belated valentine's date and left the little guy in the trusting arms of his grammie and aunt, hence the previous pictures. yes, that is vaseline in his hair because grammie was afraid the hair gel would be toxic. yes, i get my worriesome personality from her. no, it still hasn't all come out of kale's hair after 3 baths. no, we don't care. yes oma becky, you now have free reign to now put kale in any type of vegetable or fruit you want because his other grammie did this. having some dinner with grammie
our main reason for visiting was to see vanessa play basketball. she's a tough little guard and gets feisty out there. she even took a swipe at a player who took her out! luckily, the refs didn't see it.
grampa explaining the game to kale bug
just love those little biscuits!
we are going to try some rice cereal tonight and have already hired a film and camera crew so i'm sure there will be some footage later this evening.
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