Wednesday, May 7, 2008

crazy 8

it has been so much fun getting to know our little boy. sometimes i am blown away by how big he is getting and how old he is. swinging at the park, sitting in the shopping cart, going to nursery at church. then i look at him lying on the floor or while i am nursing him and he is just so little! i love it! it makes me wish he was more of a snuggler because i constantly want to snuggle him! however, that is my only complaint these days! he is eating well, sleeping great and is just a happy happy boy. i kind of went crazy posting lots of pictures but i don't think the grammies will mind! still no teeth but he loves to chomp on his fingers, sometimes gagging himself and spitting up all over us.
he's getting a little pudge but when i pick him up it seems there is nothing to him!
just a funny face
mom's feet don't taste so good this time
still not a big fan of tummy time. he'll do it for awhile but then starts to cry and high centers himself on his tummy. he has forgotten that he can roll over and i tried to help him crawl yesterday but he just cried then. he can spin in a circle on his tummy but that's it. this is my only worry right now, that he hasn't moved much. i know every kid is different but if i wasn't worried about something, you would all think i was drinking too much.
this is the look he has on his face whenever he sees someone eating. he just stares at them with his mouth open, hoping a small morsel will find its way to his mouth!
still loves the fingers
watching dad having a snack across the room he loves to stick his tongue out and we have discovered that he has his mama's tongue, long and skinny
he gets excited and bangs his arms and rocks and grins. especially when he sees his dad.


Anonymous said...

You're so right, Nomie, I was sad when the scroll down ended! He's just growing up right in front of our eyes, we can sure see a difference from week to week. Kalen, we just love you ALL over! Oh, yeah...and tell your mom and dad we love them too.

Addie said...

Pretty much the cutest ever.