Sunday, July 13, 2008

10 month update

when i look at kale it doesn't seem like much has changed in the last month. no crawling yet so in my mind he is the same baby he has been for quite a few months. however, when i think back on the month, a lot of little things add up.

~he can move from sitting on his bum to laying on his tummy

~he now scoots around in a circle while sitting

~new haircut

~loves swimming

~eats 3 solid meals a day now, half of which are eaten with his hands

~started pointing at things and yelling, as if he is addressing a crowd

~no more nursing. kale was only nursing in the mornings and then my allergies came back so i had to take some medicine and there wasn't much milk there. he really likes the bottle and he is definitely looking chubbier to me.

~moved up a size in diapers from size 2 to 3

this movie shows a few other tricks he has learned and just shows what a happy guy he is


Anonymous said...

his laugh has to be the CUTEST thing ever! i can't wait to see him!! i know i say that all the time but i can't! and i LOVE the little mouth trick.

Anonymous said...

Last night you could hear the video being played over and over downstairs and upstairs at our house. How accomplished he is!! I love these little clips that make it seem like he is right here, well at least the sound of him. Give him a squeeze for me - Grandma J

kelsey said...

he's such a cute little guy!

Becky said...

Kale: You're justa big guy now...driving and all. Seeing you happy makes us happy over here in when-is-summer-coming Alaska!
Love you all,
Oma & Opa!

Addie said...

I like the belly shot. He's got such a sweet, happy face...I want to munch on his ears.

northwestharveys said...

Just love that guy to pieces!!!! Look at that belly...I think its from the camping trip :)!!

See you guys in less than a month!