Thursday, July 3, 2008

a little something to tide you over

we are mostly packed and ready to head to coeur da'lene, idaho for the weekend to meet up with peter's sister emily and her husband johnny. why i am taking time out of a crazy day to blog, i don't know. i am definitely multi-tasking and doing different things while pictures upload and such but i just care about you all so much that i thought you needed to see these pictures!

aside from my allergies going crazy, i am having a blast this summer! it really has been what you think a summer should be. swimming, barbeques, walks, good food, yard games, parks, picnics, and great friends. i am very thankful and look forward to more fun to come this weekend. all the guys in the oberly's backyard
kale playing some holey boards
jack eating a holey board component
mason showing them how it is done
matt and smith
the following set of pictures is too funny not to share. all the girls were in the house and peter had the camera outside. when these guys get together you can definitely tell that jack has an older sister and is used to "playing". kale is working on it.


Deeapaulitan said...

HAHAHAHAHA! *er* I mean, Poor wittle fella.

Have a wonderful time in C'd. Its a great place to spend the 4th. Hope all goes smooth.


Anonymous said...

I thought I left a comment but I don't see it! Anyway, thanks for the pictures. Hope your trip is going well. I'm sure your little guy is charming Aunt Emily and Uncle Johnny.
Grandma J.

Becky said...

Jack and Kale will enjoy seeing these pictures over the years! Very what's the holey game about? --besides sitting on and putting the pieces in your mouth?
Love you all,