Monday, September 29, 2008

just a swingin'

the days in bozeman have reached what i like to call "perfect". not too hot but still sunny. we can go outside and be perfectly comfortable. we have taken advantage of these days by having picnics in the park with peter during the week. today we took the camera and had a great time swinging. kale has gone from no interest in swinging to loving it. i, on the other hand, realized how old i am today when i started to get a little sick on the swings. i do turn 26 next week so i guess it was bound to happen eventually. my boys i just love this little buddy!
i don't know how this position didn't make him sick!
i'm not sure, but i don't think he could get any cuter
wait, i was wrong
lovin' it

vanessa, naomi, kale
mom doing some tricks


Addie said...

Very fun. When did you get to be an old lady?

northwestharveys said...

Glad he's enjoying the swing...but it kind of made ME sick watching it :)

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you wouldn't feel so sick if you weren't hanging upside down!!! Just a thought....
Can't wait to see you!
Love you all!
Grandma J

Becky said...

oops, I just puked. swings just do that to me....and Kale IS the cutest baby around, hands down, just want to look at him all day. Joanie, here are more photos for our albums!
so wonderful, thanks,

kelsey said...

i hope when i only have a week left to being 26 (i have about 4 weeks left) that i can still swing! :) i guess i'll let you know as the time approaches. love the video of kale laughing. he is seriously cute!

Lindsey K said...

Peter thank you for your input! Chad will be happy to hear a guy's perspective. :) and that second picture of Kale makes him look like a little man, not just a baby anymore!

Reese said...

I just wanna say how fabulous you all, Kale, and the vein on your forehead! (I know you know where I picked up this little quip.) But seriously, 26 looks darn good on you!

Deeapaulitan said...

Wow, if everyone is razzin' ya this much at nearly 27, what will it be like @ nearly 30? Kale Makes my day, everytime I see him!