Friday, January 9, 2009

loving right now

7 things i am loving right now
by kale

1. clementines! my mom doesn't let me have more than 3 a day but i would eat about 10 a day if i could. 2. making a mess

3. reading my truck book. my mom finds me reading and making noises all the time.
4. watching the garbage truck out the window
5. swimming at the swim center, especially the clementine for a snack 6. my new teddy bear. i fell in love with him at grammie's over christmas and he got to come home with me.
7. walking behind my cart. actually, i love anything to do with my cart.

what are you loving right now?


kelsey said...

he is just too cute!! i can't wait until mine is more fun like cute kale! :)

northwestharveys said...

7 things I love right now are Kale Kale Kale Kale Kale Kale Kale! :) (other stuff too of course, but he's up there!)

Addie said...

He is so close to walking! Has he taken any steps on his own yet?

I miss you terribly. When can we hang out again?

Deeapaulitan said...

Minda mentioned the "love of Teddy" last night on the way home. Sounds like a life-long friendship has been born!

How cute is he staring at you adoringly as he passes with his cart? That is one boy in LOVE with his mama!

Anonymous said...

I am loving that the teddy from my house is so loved at your house. He looks much better without the bathrobe on by the way!! Please have teddy give Kale a hug for me.
Love, Grammie J

Lindsey K said...

I too am loving clementines!! And also dry shampoo that makes it so I only have to wash my hair every 3 days....I am not a gross person I swear. Lost starts in 9 days my friend!

aubyn nutting said...

Your photos all look really great!