Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee

Today's Bozeman Chronicle read: 2 hip mamas selling excess of hip stuff. No tchotchkes.
While the 2 hip mommas sold their "stuff," Kale and Dad decided to go for a bike ride.

Getting strapped in...ready for launch

T-minus 5....4....snack trap? check....3...sippy cup? check...2....shovel? check...1...good to launch!

One day not too long we really need to say anything about this?


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Kale sings and dances like his Uncle Gary. Must have been taking lessons from him. Have a wonderful visit with Grandpa and Grandma. I hear Kale is getting a new bubble toy! Send a video. Did you sell lots at the yard sale-come down here and do mine for me would yeah? Not my favorite thing to do. Take care you guys. Hansens

northwestharveys said...

you guys sure do know how to have fun!

lanerdoo said...

Are those undies looped around that sweet baboo? What a little punkin!

naomi said...

Yes, those are a pair of CLEAN undies about his neck.