Friday, July 17, 2009

Sublime "Summertime"

Summertime...and the livings easy...

Taking turns squirting/watching the water cannon at Belgrade's water park.

We tried finding a dark place for Kale to sleep when we were house sitting the other week. We finally gave up and just duct-taped a blanket around Kale's head.

Kale loves loves loves our porch. We caught him just chil-axing on the threshold, eating his snacks the other day.

We have Oma to thank for this one. That's Peter's old racoon hat from when he was a kid. We've seen it only treated with the utmost affection from Kale. Anybody else see Uncle Jonny (Naomi's brother) in this photo?

God is good. Baby Moore #2 is healthy, and Momma's looking good at 26 weeks. (comment from Peter)

That's Kale wearing his old "Elmer Fudd" hat. He's serious about something over there. I'm not sure if it's his trucks or his britches. Too funny.

Living life...without a care in the world. That's our boy.


northwestharveys said...

too cute...we had a great laugh and continuous smiles for the rest of the night! We love how much character he has he looks like he's getting taller, I can't believe he turns two in a couple months. We're so thankful baby # 2 is doing well. Love all four of you!

J and Raq said...

great pictures! you are looking so cute. isn't that water park great in belgrade!

kelsey said...

he is just too cute, and so is your pregnant belly!!!

The Marshall Family said...

You look GREAT Naomi! I can't believe you are already 26 weeks along!! CRAZY!! and...yes, Kale looks exactly like Jon in that pic (and everyone one if you ask me!) - take care!

Joanie said...

I'm gonna look at Jon's baby pictures tonight. There is definately a strong resemblance. Especially when Kale is being "strong".

Addie said...

YAY! About time for an update, missy. Great pics, and I will try duct taping blankets next time a place is too bright. You guys are BRILLIANT.

Lindsey K said...

Kale looks like a little man!! You can start to see what he will look like as a big boy! crazy....and I will say it again, you are one hot prego.

Anonymous said...

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