Friday, September 25, 2009

Just a little somethin'

Today I am as far along in this pregnancy as I was when I went into labor with Kale. What a journey this has been! Yesterday I felt sure I could go another 3 weeks, no problem. Today is a different story. Very uncomfortable and I feel like I can't do normal tasks. How am I supposed to put a two-year-old's shoes on him when I have a basketball jutting out from my body? Not easy. I know that the baby will come soon and I'll realize how good I have it now but at least then I will be able to move like a normal person! I am progressing still which is encouraging but it could still be another 3 weeks. I can do it, I just don't want to! :)

We are soaking up the last days of warm weather as much as we can. Yesterday, Mason and Smith both wanted to hold Kale's hands as we left the park and Kale gladly obliged.

We have started walking more and always find ourselves at a little park about a block away. It is so nice to be in a neighborhood and to have a place so close by!

Peter likes it too. :)

I took some pictures of our new place to show you all but they really don't do the space any justice so you'll just have to come visit to see for yourselves!


Addie said...

I love your family, and the pic of Peter made my day.

lanerdoo said...

The three boys holding hands is precious. I love that they get to hang out and grow up together. And I love that they love each other :)

Joanie said...

Congratulations on hitting 37 weeks with baby still simmering. I can't wait to tell this little one how Jesus protected him/her from being born way too early. I'm remembering back to that time when our prayers were answered! What a miracle that now we are ALL (not just you) impatient for things to get started. Love you all,
Grammie J and Papa Ray