Monday, October 19, 2009

Now there are 2...

Here are some pics from the last couple days Leaving the hospital
K playing the flute and Grammie playing the gee-tar

Papa meets his 2nd grandson

K's first Bobcat game! "G0 Ga-cats!"

Eating tomatoes on the porch with Papa

Waking up is so hard!
Little peanut


Addie said...

He is so damn cute, it hurts me! Also, I love Joanie a little more for her gee-tar skills. We have a harmonica if Papa is feeling left out.

I love your family.

J and Raq said...

congrats Moore Family! He is a cute little guy! Hope everyone is sleeping well and adjusting well!

Hi Line Living~The Bergs said...

I love the picture of Kale and your mom. Priceless. You have the cutest family. Take care.

northwestharveys said...

So fun to see highlights from Joel's first week. It looks like Kale is getting enough attention so I wont worry too much :) love you guys!

Reese said...

Nao...glad to see you doing so well with your little guys...lucky Joel, I don't think he's had his temperature taken rectally even once! :)

aubyn nutting said...

Reese can find the bright side of anything!

Congratulations, Naomi and family!

Kiersten said...

Beautiful babies Naomi and Peter.
We love you!
Kiersten et al