Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ups and Downs

My emotions have been all over the place the last couple days.

Tuesday was my birthday and I didn't have much planned and I wasn't expecting much. I was most looking forward to getting a pumpkin spice latte on my way to Bible study that morning and having a doctor's appointment that afternoon. You would think I would know my husband better by now but he swept me off my feet, once again.

He got up early and got me a caramel roll from Wheat Montana. So good. He also took complete care of Kale while I got ready for Bible study and then told me he was going to work from home that morning so I could just go to Bible study by myself. A treat in itself!
Once I got to Bible study, Becca handed me a gift card to Sage Spa for a pedicure and said that Peter had made me an appointment for 11:15 that morning. What?!?! What woman wouldn't want a pedicure, especially when pregnant. I was thoroughly surprised.

When I got to my apppointment, I was handed a card from Peter that said that my friends were going to meet me for lunch at 12:30 at Mackenzie River, sans kids! This day just keeps getting better and better! My pedicure was amazing and now my toes are ready for labor.

At lunch, my friends gave me cards that Peter had asked them to write in. He asked them to write one way I have blessed them in the last year and their prayer for me in the coming year. I felt so loved and special. I then received another card saying I should go home and nap before my doctor's appointment and that if Kale needed anything, Peter's brother John would be there to take care of him. So many wonderful surprises that just meant so much to me!

The next "present" I received wasn't from my husband, but from the doctor. I am dilated to 5 cm! Halfway there! I could not believe it and was glad to hear of some change, let alone 2 centimeters in a week with no pain! Thank you Lord!

After my appointment we went home and went for a walk with Kale. Then we went out to Ale Works for dinner while my sister watched Kale. I was riding a high all day. It was great. I was sure labor was coming soon and was glad that baby had decided to stay in that long so I could enjoy a perfect day.

Then nothing happened. It has been a let down for me, for sure. Of course, it has only been 2 days but I am still pregnant. That's all I'm going to say about that. Almost 39 weeks. I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs.

We asked Kale this question last night and he responded in a way we could not have planned! Of course, trying to get him to re-enact it wasn't the same but still, you get the point.


James said...

Love it! Kale has it all planned out!

Joanie said...

unprompted? Has he been watching reality tv like "A Baby Story"?

Joanie said...

By the way, nice job on the birthday, Peter!

kelsey said...

Wow, what a special day! I got a little misty eyed reading that! Eli is probably leaving on my birthday for his deployment, so I'm already kind of nostalgic for birthdays. He's also missing Blake's 1st birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Boo! Anyway, I'm so glad that Peter is such a fantastic husband. You are so blessed and lucky. And I hope that Baby Moore comes SOON! Hang in there! Love you Naomi!

Lindsey K said...

What a guy...what a great Birthday, I am so lad to hear it was a good one! Love you friend. I check every day to see if you have had your baby!!!

northwestharveys said...

I laughed so hard!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Naomi. You always made me feel special on my birthday, so i'm glad Pete planned such an amazing day for you.


Anonymous said...

The bottle of Corona in Kale's movie...causes me to ponder...just how much fun it is to be a 'moore'---love oma

The Marshall Family said...

Bowling ball or not, your belly is just PERFECT! :)