Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quarter of a Year

RPJ (Rolly Polly Joely) turned 3 months on the 12th. I remeber Kale being a very happy baby but this little guy is so smiley! It is like he can't help but smile. The other night he was tired and fussy as I was changing his diaper but when he looked at me, he just couldn't help but smile. It sure warmed this mama's heart. He loves watching his brother and really enjoys being around people.

He's working on finding his thumb or fingers and I will be glad when that happens. He is in a weird phase where he wants to break out of his swaddle but being swaddled still calms him down. We are working on some sleep training. After 2 nights of him waking up every 2 hours to have his pacifier put back in, last night we let him cry. He had 2 seperate 45 minute crying periods in the night that he didn't fall asleep after but today for his 2 naps he has fallen asleep within 10 minutes of crying and slept longer. Probably because he is exhausted from last night but still, I'll take progress where I can get it! I'm not necessarily after him sleeping through the night at this point, (although am not opposed), I do want him to be able to self soothe in the night without his suckie. I know he only needs to eat once in the night, if any. Praise God for a supporting husband and friends who have already been through this and can advise us. We'll see how tonight goes! Love this boy!
Kale helping Joel with his toe jam.

Kale decided this baby food grinder was a good helmet for Joel.


Addie said...

It was so fun to see you this week. I love catching up with your life - hope your time in Hingham is AWESOME!

Joanie said...

Addie, time in Hingham is always awesome!!:) Naomi, can't wait to see you and the little men. I will try to brew up some fun things for us to do so you can report to Addie and make her want to come with you next time.

Joy Joy said...

Good luck tonight! We had to put Selah where we couldn't hear her for a few nights to get her to sleep through...I wish I would have done it before 9 months! You can do it!

kelsey said...

good luck with the sleeping thing. i remember those nights and naps all too well--oh wait! i'm still going through the nap business from time to time! curses to routine changes! :) he is so cute! is that a dimple i see on the actual size picture???? love it!

northwestharveys said...

what a good brother to pick his sibling toe jam out...I don't think Pete ever did that for me :)

I can't believe Joel is already three'em to pieces!

naomi said...

So, last night wasn't bad. Didn't have to let him cry. Trying something new tonight so we'll see!
Kelsey-Yes, it is a dimple! Maybe 2, we're waiting to see!