Saturday, May 1, 2010

no excuse

I really don't have a good reason for not posting lately. Nothing too exciting has been going on so I kept waiting for a good reason to post. After being prompted by Emily to post anything just so she could see the boys, I pulled a little something together. :)Joel is 6 months here. He weighed in at 14 pounds 10 ounces and is in the 15th percentile. He's rolling around all over and enjoying his 2 solid meals a day. We're working on getting him to sleep all the way through the night so Oma Becky can come stay with the boys while Peter and I take a little getaway the end of May. He truly is a happy baby.

He prefers his brother's toys to his own and uses his head to scoot over to something he wants.
Peter and Kale went fishing a few weekends ago. Apparently Kale wasn't a huge fan but I think he just wanted to get out of the backpack to try it for himself. Since then he has been talking about fishing and bugs. I think he'll like the outdoors quite a bit, much to his dad's delight. Just the other day Kale told me, "I like shoot deer." I don't know how he knows he likes this but Peter is thrilled.
Sweet potato face.
We are making the most of our postage stamp yard when the weather permits. Even when the weather doesn't, Kale asks to eat "dunch" (lunch) outside for every meal.
Last Sunday we headed up Hyalite to try some fishing and throw rocks. The road to the reservoir was still closed for the season so we stopped at the creek. We lasted about 15 minutes before it started snowing. That seems to be the theme this April.
The next day, Mason came over to enjoy the sun for a bit. The boys got water on their shirts so of course they had to come off. I asked them to put their arms around each other for this picture but apparently they took that to mean put them in the air.
Kale is sometimes overly friendly with his friends...
I "heart" this boy!

Giggles, counting, mealtime, and dancing.


kelsey said...

oh they are so cute. i loved this post, thanks for the update and the inspiration to get going again on my blogging!

Anonymous said...

Good photos. Got him learning some. They grow fast. Dad

northwestharveys said...

First of all, nice were just waiting for me to give it up weren't you :) We were out of town this weekend so I didn't get to see the post right away but I love it-Thanks for posting! The boys look great. So fun to see Joel grow and Kale exploring and expressing himself ;) love you guys!

Lindsey K said...

you always have things to post about.....those little guys are great to see updates of. I feel like April is one of the most depressing months of the year in Montana because you just want to be outside!!! and it just keeps snowing!! tuck. Good to hear from you though :)

Deeapaulitan said...

So much love for these fellas. LOVIN' Joel's giggles!
As far as the April theme (continuing into May) goes - UGGGGGHHH! I'm so ready to be warm!