Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Bozeman this year and were joined by my immediate family and Peter's brother and his roommate. Christmas Eve and Christmas were the only 2 days everyone was completely healthy but the silver lining is we probably all ate quite a bit less than we would have normally. :)Christmas Eve getting ready for Frogmore Stew, hence the newspaper lined table. Kale had a bagel sandwich since we didn't end up actually eating dinner until closer to 9:00.
Sister love
Mayor of Hingham right here folks
Right before we devoured this delicious meal. Peter outdid himself, it was the best Frogmore I have ever had.
The loot under what I refer to as our "perfect tree".
Trying to eat a sucker through the wrapper on Christmas morning.
Magnifying glass from Oma Becky
The start of many fights and emotional breakdowns this day.
He entered the living room that morning asking where Jesus was. Unfortunately, he quickly forgot to keep looking.
Jobie checking out Uncle John's new headphones.
He was more interested in everyone else's presents, including this bottle of wine we received from my sister.
Kale remembered it was Jesus' birthday later that day when it was time to sing Happy Birthday and bring out His birthday cake.
Since we are snowed in today, the boys and I celebrated with Jesus' birthday cake again today. Oh my. I think it was even better than the actual day. The cake is here and I used this frosting. Heavenly.


Addie said...

I have never had Frogmore. Can we borrow Peter? You guys can come too. :)

Harvey Globetrotters said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun celebration. I didn't know you sang happy birthday also. Did you know Johnny's family does that too!?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth. It always better with family. I was suprised that there wasn't a picture of one of the boys playing with the box from one of their gift. Maybe Peter begged you not to post it.
Loved your Christmas picture.

Joanie said...

That cake was pretty amazing. As we were driving out of Bozeman on Monday, Dad and I considered going back to your house to get some to bring home with us. All your Christmas food was wonderful. Thanks for being such great hosts!!

Reese said...

Thanks for the post...seeing all the pictures made me feel like we were there with you even though you wouldn' let us actually be there with you. :) Just kidding.