Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kauai 1.0

Sorry for the flood of photos but we had such a great time on our trip I want to share it all with you! So enjoy!The main reason we were able to go on this trip was because a family friend gifted us with Delta buddy passes. We flew for much cheaper but on standby. Well, on the flight from L.A. to Kauai, we were put in first class! It was such a blessing and a special way to kick off our vacation. Mai Tais greeted us as well as just an awesome overall experience. This is a picture of the 1st of Peter's 6 drinks. :)
Can you find the lizard in the above picture?

Swim suits and sundresses 24/7!
Peter readying himself to jump off Kipu Falls

I'm pretty sure I held my breath until he surfaced.
Then decided it was my turn!

After I pulled my swimming suit down from around my neck.
The roots of the trees were amazing and just followed the rocks down to the water.

An amazing gift basket awaited us in our condo from dear friends James and Deea. It meant so much to us that they made the extra effort to have this waiting for us!
View from our Lanai.
Out to sushi for dinner.
Eating said octopus.

This was just our first day! We had a spectacular time and I'll do my best to post more pics soon. Like before we go back to Hawaii. :)


Harvey Globetrotters said...

Thank you, pretty Hawaiian girl with the flower in her hair, for beginning your entry of what looks to be a fantastic trip!

lanerdoo said...

OOOOH! That looks like fun! How blessed to be able to enjoy HI without the kiddos, and first class... are you kidding me?! Awesom.

Addie said...

YOU ARE SO BRAVE! I would never:
1.) Jump off a waterfall.
2.) Eat octopus.

Never say never, but I'm pretty confident about the octopus. And first class?! You didn't mention that today! What fun! I'm excited to see the rest. I'm glad you guys have pics of each other. We do not. Almost all our photos will be artsy and scenic.

Lindsey K said...

I am with Addie on the Octopus, but the waterfall looks fun! What a special treat for you guys!!