Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It has been so long, blogger is completely different now

Okay, so we can all agree I am not a pro at the blogging thing and move on.  Here is a quick synopsis of the last few months...
We didn't get a free weekend to go camping until August and it was the first time we had gone as a family of 4.  Actually, as sad as this is, it was the first time as a family at all!  Needless to say, the boys loved every aspect of it and we can't wait to go next year, hopefully as a family of 5 (or 6!)!
K turned 5 and we celebrated all weekend with Aunt Emily and Uncle Johnny.  This boy loves riding his bike, coloring, legos, reading books and trucks.
 He also loves school!  He started preschool a few days after his birthday.  He loves to go every day and his teachers praise his ability to make friends with anyone.  Ask him the friends' names though...that's another story.
 A month later this daredevil turned 3.  At the beginning of the summer we had to push him on his bike with training wheels because he didn't know how to pedal.  Now he's showing us all up.  He is always full of energy and for his birthday we got him a mini-trampoline, a punching bag and gymnastics classes.  They still don't wear him out though!
 Each boy got to go to a Bobcat game with Peter for their birthday but I couldn't find the picture of K.  Its too bad too because then you could have seen the progression of that stellar beard he has...

I turned 30 this month and was gifted by my friends and family a trip down to Denver to see my dear friend Sara.  We shopped and talked and I took she and Emily to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch.  Here we are drinking Ethiopian beer and honey wine.  Beer was good, wine tasted like dandelions.  The food was fun but it probably isn't something I want to eat everyday.
 And here's the beard now.  He started growing it in August and when I asked when he was going to trim it, he declared it would be shaved after he killed an elk.  So, who knows where the elk are because this beard has got to go!

So, that's a snapshot or two of our life from the last few months.  Stay tuned for an update on our adoption!!


kelsey said...

So excited for an update. Peter's beard...there are no words! Also very excited for an update about your adoption, especially after the cryptic 5 or 6 comment!!! Dying here. Update again. And soon! xoxo

Justin and Racquel said...

Naomi! I always like to see your blog at the top of my blog list so I can see a snippet of what's going on in your life! have a wonderful holiday season!