Monday, April 16, 2007

17 weeks

This is a picture Peter took of our friend Matt on the Gallatin River Easter weekend.
This is the beautiful "wood" flooring Peter put in our condo this weekend. He worked very hard and is feeling sore today. He and our little buddy Blake are cleaning the floor so Peter can put paper over it to protect it.
Blake is our dear friend Addie's little boy. He is two and just a bundle of energy and personality. I got to watch him on Sunday and he was having a blast hammering the floor in the bedroom.
Finally, something to show in pictures! I am 17 weeks today and watching my tummy get bigger every day. Here is what the baby is doing this week:


Nana Joanie said...

I love these pictures! The floor looks great, Peter. The bump is adorable, Naomi. And please tell Addie that her little son is cute as can be. We love you all
PS. I'm glad you went fishing on Easter, Peter, so you could take that picture - awesome!!

northwestharveys said...

I agree with Nana Joanie - everything looks great! Naomi- I hope you are feeling as wonderful as you look!

love you both