Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Last week I felt the little bean give me some kicks. Not strong yet, but I can tell it is the baby. It feels like a muscle twitching and is getting stronger as the days go by. Peter is frustrated that it is too early for him to feel it and I think a little jealous that I can feel it and he can't. I'm popping out a bit more every day and I can't button any of my pants anymore. My mom came to town this weekend for a quick trip with a friend. She blessed the socks off of me with her presence and gifts of maternity clothes. She was only here Friday night and part of Saturday but it is always fun to see her. Peter, Matt, and Josh spent most of Saturday putting trim in our condo and then decided to fish in the afternoon. Not much luck but the weather was not cooperating. We are so extremely blessed by our friends and their willingness to help us. They bring much joy to our lives.
Here is the baby this week: http://www.babycenter.com/mybabycenter/118.html


Kiersten said...

Oh boy! feeling the baby moving around was my very favorite part of being pregnant. When it gets bigger you can snuggle up to Peter and let the baby kick him in the ribs :-) I think the internal organ punches are the weirdest...

I love you both!

Mom said...

I am so glad I decided to come with Linda and see you for a bit. You and Peter are such gracious hosts and so much fun to be with.
Love you more than warm breezes on a sunny day!