Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wizard Smoke

My good friend Sam convinced Matt, Josh and myself to drive up to Hylite Resevior to "slay" the stocked cutthroat that spawn up a stream that feeds in the resevior. Fishing reports he had heard were considered to be in the "stupid" category - with friends of his catching 100+ fish in a couple of hours. Well either Sam's other friends were blowing "wizard smoke" up his butt (Matt's exact words) or the recent snow and ice put the fish in "dorment" mode. Never the less, we had a good time freezing our legs and enjoying a couple casual pulls of "whiskey" to stay warm.


Rebecca said...

Better than putting up trim, huh? Skunked or not--what a great place we live! We love your pictures, Peter.

Joanie said...

Peter- I bought you some Berts Beans today on my way home from a track meet in Cut Bank. Maybe you can use them for bait and have more luck!!