Thursday, May 3, 2007

Baby Moore @ 20 weeks!

We have some ribs and a foot here, much clearer on the real picture.

A little profile action.
The "jewels" are just below the green text.

We went into the ultrasound not wanting to find out what we were having; we were just hoping for a human. The technician was great and really was surprised that we didn't want to find out. After he (the technician) left the room to find the radiologist Peter commented to me that he supposedly saw a twig and some berries. I also thought it was a boy and Peter wanted to find out just because he wanted to know if he was right. I was shocked because he was the one who was so against finding out in the first place! The technician came back in and we told him what we were thinking. He told us to close our eyes for a minute. He was going to print a picture and put it in a sealed envelope for us so we could find out at a later date if we wanted to. After he told us to open our eyes, I blurted out, "I peeked!" I am proud to say that I am very impatient and hate waiting for surprises! Both the technician and Peter were shocked at me and Peter obviously then needed to know as well. I waited a bit, but then showed him the above picture so he knew he was having a son. I have never seen Peter so excited! He was literally jumping up and down, air punching down the hall, hyper as can be, saying, "First time...oh boy!" In the picture above, you can see his little penis on the right. It is like you are looking at his butt between his legs. It is pretty obvious he is a boy. The very top picture is a picture of his foot and the middle picture...well if you can't figure out what the middle picture is - too bad.

I was a little disappointed that I ruined the surprise for both Peter and I but now we are very happy to say "him" instead of "it" and looking for names and baby clothes. Love you all!


Rebecca said...

I'm still going to call the baby "it" you cheaters! Also, Peter I forgive you for lying to me when I asked if you found out what "it" was. just kidding--this is very fun news.

Joanie said...

How typical Naomi!! It is probably just as well that you peeked at the picture,Naomi, because the picture in the envelope would have had to be under lock and key for you not to be peeking later!! What a cute little profile!!! I can't really see the other "embellishments" but I will take your word for it! Love to you all! Mom

Joy Schneiter said...

I love the commentary! You had me cracking up. What a little cutie! Congrats and I'll see you next week. Joy

Joy Schneiter said...

I love the commentary! You had me cracking up. What a little cutie! Congrats and I'll see you next week. Joy

Reese said...

Pete I'm looking forward to hunting and fishing expeditions with our little men. I think God has great plans for our boys and am excited to be part of it. fish on!! Matt

kelsey said...

a boy!!! that's so exciting you guys! i wish i were seeing you soon! love you!