Friday, May 4, 2007

Belly shot

Here's our little buddy from the outside. He's kicking more every day and getting bigger too!


Anonymous said...

Hey their little mama. Looking good. Praying things go well and thinking about you guys. Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling error. Dad

Reese said...


What a beautiful bump you have!You are already half-way to mama-hood. You think you love your little guy now...just wait till you hear him cry and see his little face. It will overwhelm you. Thank you for loving our family so faithfully and sharing in our joy.

Anonymous said...

Naomi and Peter:

We heard the good news through the grapevine!! CONGRATULATIONS! I found this link of your facebook page. What a neat way to keep family and friends connected! look super cute! Praying that everything continues to go well for the three of you :)

The Marshalls

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Looks like things are really going well. Naomi, you look wonderful. I had the same sludge problem with my gallbladder esp. with the twins, but it all went a away after boys were born. Just stay on the "no fat" stuff. It will help.
Showed Adam the pictures, he's ready to come fishing with Peter. Actually, he is going to try to make it up your way this summer.
He is working for a fish biologist out of Steamboat Springs this summer. Trying to convince him he needs to attend grad school at MSU.
The condo looks great. Really like the floors. Nice job Peter!
Half way there, it will really go fast. Before you know it, its September.
Hope you can come down this summer, but understand you're heading up to Alaska. No rafting for momma this summer.
Email us a note. Talk to you soon. All of the Hansens and Jon.