Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finally some fishing!

Our friend Josh fishing on Hyalite Reservoir
Peter finally got a break from working on the condo and was able to take some time to fish. I was glad he got to go and refresh himself. The weather wasn't perfect but Josh and Peter had a good time and Peter even caught a couple fish. Above he caught a 14 inch greyling on a size 12 parachute adams, apparently a very big fly for so early in the season. He threw it out there because the fish were rising and he wanted to see how hungry and picky they were. Not too picky as it turns out! We have been getting a lot of rain and even some snow lately so the fishing probably isn't too great now but hopefully he will be able to get out again soon.

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Kiersten said...

Living hundreds of miles away, I've had the impression that all Peter does is fish ;-) Glad to hear he's putting some hard earned sweat time in between breathers!

You'll have to teach Liam how to fish Pete, 'cause Mike doesn't own a pole.