Friday, May 11, 2007

halfway there...

So, 20 weeks marks the halfway point for the pregnancy. YAY! It is nice to know I am that much closer to meeting our little guy but September is still a long time away! We have lots to do before then so it is good that we have that time. Peter has been hard at work putting the trim into our condo. He has been working after school every day this week and we will continue working this weekend. He is done with the trim so we get to start priming and painting. After that, we are done with our work and the "real" workers can finish putting the condo together. We have a rough closing date of June 22nd so there is an end in sight, but there was an end in sight many times so we are not getting our hopes up too much!

Last weekend I had some sharp pains right below my ribs and nothing I tried seemed to be helping. It got better on Sunday but wasn't completely fixed. The pain was right below my ribs so I wasn't concerned about the baby being affected. And I could still feel him moving. I called my doctor on Monday and they wanted to see me just to check me out. They took my blood and it wasn't my appendix, wasn't a bladder infection, everything came back good so they scheduled an ultrasound on my gallbladder for Wednesday. The good news is that they found a reason for the pain I was having, the not so good news is that I have something called "sludge" in my gallbladder. Yes, that is a medical term! I guess it is just bile that has built up in there or something. When I eat really fatty foods, (like the peanut butter I had Saturday morning I guess), they cause my gallbladder to inflame a little and cause the pain. The baby growing in me also helps crowd my gallbladder and makes it more susceptible to being irritated. So, now I have to stay away from very fatty foods, like pizza, (my favorite), gravy, butter, etc. By my staying away from those foods it should be okay until after the baby and we may have to do something more extensive to fix it. Anyway, long story short, I am okay and baby is okay and we'll see how to handle it after the pregnancy.

Peter finally felt our little guy move this week and is not feeling quite as jealous anymore. As our little buddy gets bigger, he'll be able to feel him more and more. Thanks for reading!


northwestharveys said...

Keep up the good work naomi! Your cooking up my cute little nephew and I can't wait to see him either :)

We love you guys!

SchuylerBuilt said...

We've been so busy over here in Schuylerville....I can't believe your at 20 weeks. Naomi you are great keep up the good work, soon enough you'll be moved into your new place and have your little buddy with you. See you guys soon.

Kiersten said...

Just tell Peter that if he feels jealous, he can birth the next baby. :-) You're looking great, I can hardly wait to introduce Liam to his first cousin!

lots of love and good thoughts for condo finishing! --K