Thursday, June 21, 2007

Busy Busy

My parents and my sister came to visit us last weekend and go to a wedding. I didn't know Vanessa was coming so it was a great surprise. It seems our time together is always too short but worth it to see them.
Although you can't tell, this is twin Mason. Unfortunately, they are not big fans of the carseat.
This is Smith. I am getting lots of practice with babies, which I love!
We have been pretty busy lately getting ready to move and getting the new place ready to move into. We close on Friday morning and then we are moving on Saturday. Next week we get ready to go to Alaska on the 29th for two weeks! I cannot wait! I can't wait to be in Alaska and have a vacation and being there means that we are in our new place and our old place is empty and clean!


oberlys said...

Haven't heard much about moving day--how can we help?

northwestharveys said...

Look at that belly!! I don't think polka dots have ever looked that good on someone before-- you are so beautiful!

Congratulations on the move and have a blast in Alaska!

Joanie said...

Closing day!!! Wow, congratulations. It was great to see you last weekend. Holding the twins did something to really activate my "gramma genes". I am so ready to snuggle a grandbaby. Take care moving this weekend. Talk to you soon. Much love.

Mary said...

Hi Peter and Naomi! Congrats on the baby that is on his way - how exciting for you both. So I take it you live in Alaska now? Cool! Blessings,

Mary & Seth

Kiersten said...

Yeah, moving in day and vacation! We closed on our house just before coming to your wedding... I wish we could join you guys up there--I miss Alaska in summertime so much.

Are you registered anywhere? We want to put together a package for you, probably some baby things that Liam's grown out of and this 'n that... anything you're particularly hankerin' for? Send me an email, let us know!

lots of love from Kentucky xo