Thursday, June 28, 2007

North to Alaska

Tomorrow we head to Alaska for a much needed two week vacation. We have been planning this since October and it is finally here! Of course, the time will go by much too quickly but we are both very excited for some time with Peter's family and some time in that beautiful state.

We have all our stuff in our new place and we are completely finished with our old place. I can't explain what a burden has been lifted from my shoulders just having the old place cleaned and done with. We are staying with some friends this week so they can finish some things in our unit and completely finish the building. Our unit is the only one occupied right now and the only one finished. It will be nice to come home and not have any workers in the halls. At least we hope!

Baby is doing great. We have enjoyed watching my stomach do amazing things and I wish that I could see what he was doing to cause the movement! I went to the doctor on Tuesday and everything is perfect. They tested me for gestational diabetes and to see if I am anemic and I tested negative for both. I guess all the candy I eat every day hasn't caught up to me yet! Now I just plan on eating well and relaxing in Alaska! We'll post some pictures when we get there!


Anonymous said...

Always wanted to spend some time in Skagway. Look for a little house.

Joanie said...

Have a great time on your vacation! Give all the Roths a big hug for me!