Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fish on!

One of the halibut we caught.
About 15 pounds of goodness.
The one salmon we caught. Becky and I brought the smoker and canning system onto the boat because we thought we were going to be up to our ears in fish. However, we were only up to our ears in crab.
In Tenakee, Peter placed the crab pots all by himself and we caught 30 crab! He was very proud and happy. These are the two biggest he got. The one on the right has barnacles on it.
After a long, choppy day of fishing, we went back to Tenakee and warmed ourselves in their hot springs. Now, as you can kind of tell by the blurry picture, this is not your typical hot springs. Not very many people in Tenakee have showers in their homes. They all use the bath house. There are hours for women and men and you go in, use the buckets along the wall to wash yourself. After you are all squeaky clean, then you can get in to soak. Did I mention no clothes allowed?


Kelsey said...

that fish looks so dang good! i want some! here we are, living on the water, and we haven't even gotten any fish yet! shame on us. hope you guys are having fun!

rebecca said...

wonderful, wonderful! Looks like you are having a blast! We've got the 'furnace' running for your return, hoping to hit 100 again by the time you get back (You look so cold up there :) Can't wait to feast on crab and more crab. Come see us at the cabin when you get home. love you guys and miss you!

northwestharveys said...

great pics-keep 'em coming! oh and what do you think of the name Cail?

Joanie said...

I'm afraid that after Dad reads this he will want to adopt these rules for our hot tub!!! At least the squeaky clean part before you get in! Love you all!

Reese said...

Been checking your blog everyday for AK pictures...great to hear and see how much fun you're having. You guys lucked out and missed the hottest day in Bozeman ever...106 degrees. We and love and miss you guys!