Monday, July 9, 2007

Tenakee Springs

We stayed in a little town called Tenakee Springs for three nights. Peter's brother John is working for a fishing outfitter there. This is also where we spent the 4th of July.
Tenakee is a town that I would describe as having lots of character. Above, Greg, Becky, Alex and John are standing on the side of the "road" waiting for the 4th of July parade. There is only this "road" in Tenakee and it is definitely more of a path. The only two cars are the firetruck and the gas truck. Everyone else either has a golf cart or a four-wheeler. The town consists of about 100 people. I thought Hingham was small!
However, do they know how to throw a party! After the 4 minute parade, the whole town went to a potluck downtown. I was expecting typical potluck food, hotdogs, hamburgers, beans, etc. Alaskans do things different up here! We had fresh halibut, salmon, huge shrimp, crab legs and tons of side dishes and desserts! I kept saying how I could see a magazine doing a special on this town.
The general store which looks like it came directly from an old western movie.
A float in the parade.

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