Wednesday, August 15, 2007

All is well

Well, the doctor's visit today went just great. I had lost some weight at the last visit but I didn't realize it until I got home and the doctor hadn't said anything about it. This time I was back to my previous weight and the doctor said that since I had been sitting down and such any swelling I had was going to go down, causing weight to go down. My tummy measures just right for how far along I am and baby's heartbeat is good. She checked me today and I am 1 centimeter dilated but that is just fine. She said that if we didn't know I was contracting or anything and she had just checked me anyway, there is no concern. Perfectly normal for where I am. She thought I was more like 50% effaced while my other doctor last week thought I was 60%. All fine and dandy. I will spend this week still on bedrest and we will see next Thursday if I can go back to normal. A week after that I will probably go off my medication. By that time I will be over 36 weeks by that time and the baby will be just great if he was born. Of course, the Lord knew this all along and you would think by now we would know that He is trustworthy! I am so grateful that He is so patient with us and His love is not conditional on our actions. He has blessed our family so much, I am so thankful.

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northwestharveys said...

This is great news. Praise the Lord for keeping you and Peter strong through this uncertain time.

Continuing to pray and wishing you both peace.