Tuesday, August 14, 2007

34 weeks

No baby yet! I reached the 34 week mark which was our first benchmark to get to. I went to the doctor a week ago and cervix was still closed but a little more thinned out. This told the doctor that the contractions are the real thing, making things change. I see my doctor again tomorrow so we'll see how things are then. Bedrest has been a new experience. My emotions go up and down and I have lots of time to think and worry about things unfortunately. I am so thankful that we are at the 34 week mark and thank the Lord every night for one more day of having the baby still inside me. My mom was able to come last weekend and I am so thankful! She was a huge help getting our house more settled and helping me get our bedroom, bathroom, and baby room all set up and ready. I feel so much better, my mom blesses me so well! I'll update after tomorrow's appointment, I promise sooner than a week! Thank you all so much for all your prayers and meals!


Kelsey said...

look at your belly! wow! i'm so glad you got to the 34 week mark! emotional roller coasters will be worth it! :) love to you, baby and peter.

Joanie said...

You are a blessing to me too! Your belly is looking bigger all the time! Give that baby a pat for me and I'll see you soon.