Thursday, August 30, 2007

closer and closer

I am still pregnant and every day brings us closer to meeting our little guy. We saw the doctor yesterday and everything is the same. Still one centimeter and now about 60% effaced, (even though I think she might have just said that to make me feel better!) I am off bedrest and I will stop taking my pills to stop the contractions on Sunday, after Peter gets back from bow hunting this weekend. The Dr. gave her blessing for me to go off of it yesterday but since we want Peter to be there for the birth, we decided that I would stay on it through the weekend so Peter could camp and hunt a little less worried. Hopefully baby cooperates!


kelsey said...

yay!! can't wait to see pictures of baby boy moore.

Joanie said...

I'll put my money on the 10th. How much is Peter and Addie's bet? Maybe I should start a pool at school? I'll ask the kinders their expert opinions.

Adele said...

Peter is playing it close, so we only bet a dollar. Not exactly rich stakes, but he's about to have a baby, so I cut him some slack. You want in on this action? Here's my guess:
Baby boy
Born Wednesday in the am
7lbs 15oz
21 inches

I am, however, keeping the dollar part contingent on him arriving before 8:00 pm Thursday night (which was about the time we made our bet - that they'd have a baby this time next week). Ok, place your bets!

Joanie said...

I'm in.
Baby Boy
Born Tuesday, Sept 10 am
7lbs 6oz
21 inches
How much of the guess has to be right on? I suppose the other details can be tie breaker facts. Alright, Naomi, show me the money!!