Tuesday, September 4, 2007


After approximately 23 hours of labor and much much much more to the story, Kalen Charles Moore entered this world with gusto...and then he slept...and ate...and slept...and pooped...and ate some more.
Handsome feet. You can't see his toes but they are quite long, and very cute!

He has beautiful hands...and a very good grip :)

Chilling with Pops. Kalen already shows his amazing "snuggling" skills.
Mom and Dad were having fun with Kalen. Dad likes to think that he's already thinking about hunting season. Mom says "maybe next year...and somewhere where you have cell phone coverage :) "

Getting ready for the ride home. We finally left the hospital around 12:30pm. The whole family was very glad for that.


Kiersten said...

What a beautiful sleepy boy! I swear that nose looks familiar... So wonderful to see him, thank you! That's a wonderful picture of him snuggling with Dad--that's you Peter!

Anonymous said...

He's perfect! He's beautiful and we love you 3 so much! Thank you for the pictures, keep them coming! See you Saturday! Love, Oma Becky

Rachel Berg said...

Congratulations! He is so cute. Take care. We can't wait to meet him. Rachl

northwestharveys said...

Theres my baby nephew! I have been checking bi-hourly for like the past 48 hours! Thank you for finally sharing these--I know all three of you have been very busy and very tired.

my love to all three of you, and i'll see you in a week!
-proud auntie em

kelsey said...

this is so fun! i've been checking your blog like a freak just wanting to know if a kid was around, not really expecting pictures! so glad i got to see them! what an adorable baby, which one can't always say about a newborn, but you guys made a beautiful baby. so happy for both of you!

Aunt Sally said...

Kalen is awesome!! And what wonderful parents he has,too! Great job Naomi! You 2 Peter! Kiss him for me, xoxo Aunt Sally

Anonymous said...

Oh my! My beautiful grandson! We love you so much. I want to come out right now and hold him in my arms. I will wait until october but it won't be easy. Naomi we love you. Your courage, love and strength will be source of inspiration in Kale' beautiful life. Much love to you three!

GpM (grandpa moore)