Saturday, August 4, 2007

longest birth class ever

Well, have we had a pretty crazy last couple days! We went to our birth class at the hospital Wednesday night and during our tour of the labor and delivery department, I volunteered to be hooked up to the monitors that monitor contractions and baby's heartbeat. Our teacher hooked me up and continued to explain things to the class. After about 5 minutes, she looked at the tape coming out of the machine and informed me that the rest of the class was going to finish the tour while I stayed there! I thougth she was joking! Apparenlty I was having contractions that were pretty regular. Well, what we thought was going to be a couple hours in the hospital to stop the contractions using fluids and then a medication, turned into two nights in the hospital being monitored trying to get the contractions to stop. Positive things: my cervix has not been changed by the contractions which is wonderful because that means my body is not getting ready to deliver quite yet. Baby is doing awesome. He wasn't even phased by the contractions and his hearbeat was strong and everyone commented on how strong he was. Also, I could not feel any of the contractions! That is what is so crazy about it. They didn't like how constant they were so I got to experience the hospital before we were ready.

It is amazing how sudden my life is different. I am now done with work and on bed rest for awhile. For the next week or so, my bedrest is limited to 10 minutes on my feet per hour. And no, I can't stockpile minutes. :( I am on a medication called Procardia that I take every 4 hours that is a muscle relaxant that really calms down my contractions. I will go see my doctor again on Monday to see if anything has changed and if not, maybe in about a week, I will be able to be on my feet more. I went from not having much time to do anything to having all the time in the world but no permission to do anything! Peter's new work has been amazing. They sent him home on Thursday when he went in and told him to come back on Monday. What a blessing. A few of the workers there also prayed for him before he came back to the hospital.

If the baby were to come today, he would be fine but would probably have to be taken to Billings or Salt Lake City for awhile. I am going to be 33 weeks on Monday and 36 weeks is what we are shooting for. Every day he stays inside is good so I am reminding myself I would rather be bored at home then waiting in a hospital for my baby to get big enough to take home. It was a scary time but Jesus was there with us always and gave us more strenth than we could have hoped for. Peter said his fatherhood gene has definitely kicked in and he has definitely become more protective. Please pray that I will be in tune to my body and know what I should be worried about but not drive myself crazy! Please pray that I don't go crazy at home and that I let Peter love me and take care of me without feeling bad about it. Please also pray that my body does not get ready to deliver and the contractions don't change anything. We have lots of friends that have surrounded us and will take great care of me. I know I have forgotten about a million details but I have told the story many times by now and I am ready to move on. We'll update more on Monday after our doctor's appointment and hopefully not have anything new to report!


Rachel Berg said...

If you need to talk give me a call anytime. I was on bed rest for two months when I was pregnant with Katie, so I know what you're going through. It is scarry but all will turn out. Take care, listen to the doctors, and a great tip is pack a cooler with snacks and ice and keep it by the bed or couch that way you don't waste your ten minutes. A little trick I learned while on bedrest. Take care and you'll be in my prayrs.

Eric and Tiffany said...

Naomi and Peter-

You are both in Eric and I's thoughts and prayers. the Lord is good and he has a plan and purpose for that little man...Stay strong! God Bless!

Kiersten said...

I obviously don't have any real medical knowledge, but I do believe in trusting your body and your baby--even more than the doctors!

I had contractions I could feel beginning around Christmastime, sometimes they seemed to be pretty regular--but even at 37 weeks my cervix was firm, and Liam didn't come 'till two days after his due date. (which is early for first time moms, the actual average length of a first time pregnancy is 41 weeks.)

I will pray that your uterus is just running practice sessions and toning itself to be in shape for when your baby is ready to be born. And that you find the serenity to enjoy your rest time--there'll be precious little rest after the baby is born!

Hugs and love to all three of you!

Kelsey said...

i haven't looked at your blog in a couple of days and i totally missed out. eli and i will definitely add you to our nightly prayers. naomi, i'm home all day too, doing nothing too, we can chat all you want! all i have is a crazy dog at home and i don't let him distract me too much. thank god for blessings like peter's new work and modern medicine!

Racquel S said...

hello naomi-i just read your page today- the 12th. I hope and pray everything is going well for you and your little son. I have afternoon's off-so maybe i'll give you a call and give you some company if you are up to it.

rebecca said...

are your legs elevated? just checking :)

Joanie said...

What is this about elevated legs??? I thought it was just your butt that had to be sitting!

naomi said...

i do have to be sitting and having my legs up is an added bonus so they don't swell and such. sitting is good, legs up and sitting is better. don't worry!