Friday, September 7, 2007

I've Got The Hiccups

I caught Kalen with the hiccups tonight. It was also one of the few moments in the day where he's decided to actually open his eyes and take a look around. Enjoy the short movie.


Adele said...

12:41 am! Yikes. The look on his face is dear: "What is this noise I keep hearing, and who is jostling me?" Seems a bit bewildered. I love seeing you guys - thanks for letting us drop by yesterday. I remember calling the doc in a panic about what turned out to be a truly impressive booger up my own son's nose and laughed at your story. You're doing great.

Anonymous said...

I agree Addie! What a star he is! I'm not sure any of the rest of us look that darling with hiccups or boogers!
Can't wait to see you all--love for the day--remember to rest!
Oma Becky

northwestharveys said...

Oh my goodness this just made my day! I am SO excited to come visit Monday. Let me know what I can bring.

Rebecca said...

It is almost as if we have a live feed from your house with all these posts! No complaints. I love it. Thanks for allowing the visit yesterday--and the pudding snack too! You guys are doing so great and have such a precious little guy. I could just kiss his little cheeks off.

northwestharveys said...

Ok, I've watched this video about five times today. I just love it. You know Peter, I see some resemblance of you in this little one.

Anonymous said...

I posted a late comment on what a story. but just want you to know how very proud we are of all of you. What a beautiful boy even with the hicups. We can hardly contain ourselves until October. We love you.
GpM grandpa moore