Saturday, September 8, 2007

A week ago today

I (Naomi) thought I should maybe tell the story behind how this little guy came into the world. Last weekend, Peter, and his "brothers", (Matt, Josh, and Sam), all went bow hunting about three hours away in the Gravelly Mountains. They set off Friday night and were to return sometime Sunday. Little did we know that our little man had a plan of his own. I woke up Saturday morning at 8:30 having to use the bathroom. A few steps away from my bed, a gush of water came down my legs. I thought to myself that I didn't think I had to go to the bathroom that bad and then I realized that my water had broken. I grabbed my phone and waddled to the bathroom, leaking all the way. I called my friend Sara and told her that my water had broken. She came right over and the search for Peter began. We all left messages on our husbands phones, hoping they would check them when they were at the top of the mountains with service. Becca had a call into the ranger station and he was going to head out to their camp site sometime in the afternoon. I wasn't feeling any contractions at this point so I wasn't worried. We got to the hospital and checked in. Sara was beside me the whole time, taking great care of me. When I got to the hospital, Dr. Mitchell came in and didn't check me because at this point we didn't want to introduce any bacteria or get contractions going too soon since Peter wasn't there yet. She was not worried about him not making it, she said we had some time to go yet. However, since my water had broken, we didn't have a really long time to wait to get things going because my water had broken. We hung out, waiting for a call from anyone. The doctor started me on pitosin around 3 that afternoon to get some contractions going. She assured me we still had a long time to go so I was doing great. As the pitosin kicked in, things started hurting. As the pain increased, so did my frustration with Peter not being there yet. We had still not heard anything from anyone on the mountain.

Around 5:30, Josh just happened to call Becca from the mountain and was informed that I was in labor. Of course, Peter wasn't with Josh at that time and had to be located somewhere in the mountains. It was so great to know that someone up there now knew. Peter was with our friend Dan and Dan just happened to turn on their walkie talkie as Sam was calling them telling them the news. Peter apparently raced 2 miles down the mountain to the road in record time. I was in the bathtub around 6:30 when Peter called and told me he was just outside of Ennis, about an hour away. I was so relieved to hear his voice. He felt just awful that he wasn't there but was very thankful that baby hadn't come yet. He got to the hospital around 8:30 and was an adrenaline mess. He had just gotten used to the idea of his son coming while I had had 12 hours of getting used to the idea. He had to be calmed down a little but just the fact that he was there was very comforting.

My contractions were getting more severe and there didn't seem to be much of a break in between them. I had been at 4 centimeters for awhile and the doctor was going to check me to see what progess I had made. I had decided in my head that if I wasn't at 7 centimeters yet, I was going to get some relief. I was having 3 contractions in a row with no relief and baby had dropped and was putting an enormous amount of pressure on my rear. After the check I was still at 4 and growing impatient. Time for the drugs! What a relief they were! Now Peter and I were going to rest for awhile and let me body progress. Around 2:30 the nurse checked me and I was ready to push. She told us it was going to be fast and we mistakenly believed her. I started pushing at 2:45 am and was expecting to see his head around 3:00. After pushing for 2 hours, it was realized that his face was facing up instead of down and that was why things weren't happening too fast. However, he was able to be turned so I could start the pushing again. Finally, at 6:53 Sunday morning, Kalen decided to come into the world. I was exhausted after about a 23 hour labor and pushing for 4 hours. However, like they say, when you see your baby, you forget about it all. It was amazing to have him be put on my chest and hear his little cry. Very surreal. He was healthy as can be, especially considering he was a little over 3 weeks early.

So, that is the story, lots of details and probably lots left out. Little baby is doing great and Peter and I are getting used to him as much as he is getting used to us. It is very different being the mom and not having another mom tell you what her baby likes. I get to figure that out myself. It is definitely overwhelming at times but the Lord gets me through each day. Please pray that my emotions will level out and wisdom for Peter and I as we raise this little man. Peter, as always, has been extremely amazing and supportive. He takes to fatherhood naturally and helps out anyway he can. He encourages me and loves me so well. I definitely could not do this without him. I continually thank Jesus for the blessing he is to me.


Joanie said...

You will remember that time forever! He is so special and worth it all. That is easy for me to say but I'm sure you feel the same way. I took the pictures to the football game and everyone agreed he is just as sweet as can be. Thanks for allowing me to be part of his first week.
Gramma Joanie

Anonymous said...

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I am so thankful that Kalen has this sort of support in his life. He is blessed and so are all the "laptops" he has that will love and support him in the years to come. Gramma J

Anonymous said...

Naomi, I just love your story, Honey, so beautiful, true and rich.I am so proud of you, Kalen is absolutely gorgeous, you will continue to have our prayers for all you requested. Peter you are fabulous too, what incredible memories you are making, Kalen is so beautiful!!God gave him the best parents . Kalen is blessed already!!Kiss him for me and say hi to his to Grandma Becky, Joanie and Aunit Em...Love always, Aunt Sally

Joy said...

You're such a stud, Naomi! Kalen is adorable and I can't wait to meet him!