Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baseball and video

Kale was decked out in some baseball attire to celebrate the start of the World Series. We know the Mariners aren't playing but that is Kale's favorite team so he had to represent.

Sometimes when Kale is fussy, it is his way of telling us that he just wants to lay down and kick and squirm. I usually find this out while changing his diaper, which I had just done before this video. That right leg must have been what was always kicking me in my ribs! He has started talking more and I think I caught at least one coo.

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kelsey said...

that video is way too cute! and i love his little mariner's outfit. but i wonder...are the mariner's kale's favorite team or peter's? :) got your great baby announcement today. thanks for sending me that!