Tuesday, October 16, 2007

road trip!

Last fall in Hingham, the boys went hunting and got some pheasant
This fall, a new boy joined the group. He didn't get to go hunting but made the picture much cuter. The boys got 3 birds and had a really great time being boys.
Peter and Kale with a pheasant feather. (I made them disinfect his hand after he held it.)
We traveled the 5 hours up to the hi-line this last weekend to see my family and there was a shower for Kale and me. It was great to see so many people and all the blessings they bestowed upon us. There really is something to say about the wonderful people from the community that I grew up in. Kale did really well traveling and of course charmed the pants off everyone he met. (I think he takes after his dad!)

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Maybe you should do some writing or publishing in your spare time. What are the opps. in this area on your own time? Love Dad