Tuesday, October 16, 2007

cuter every day, (at least i think so)

Trying some tummy time
Still not a big fan
Little man
Tough guy
Making faces at Daddy.


Joanie said...

I think so too!! It was great to have you home. I love all the pictures of the hunters too. I didn't even know you took those.

kelsey said...

love him in that hat!

Addie said...

I love his ears. I got to see your momma & friend? aunt? in the mall today with little Kale. He's sure a keeper - and I am glad you got a break from all the keeping you do!

Micah said...

It's a little Peter! Dude, you better not be feedin' him blueberry muffin mix raw. At least cook it for cryin' out loud!

Addie said...

So, I particularly like the one where he's decided he doesn't like tummy time. His little posture just looks like he said: "I give up. This isn't fun anymore."