Saturday, December 15, 2007

Milestone week

Sometimes I wake up in the night before Kale has woken me up and I start to get excited that he is going to sleep through the night. I started imagining what I will write on here to all of you about how he finally achieved such a beautiful thing. Then I hear him crying and my dreams are crushed for the time being.
This week we had a couple milestones.
1. Kale started sleeping without his pacifier. I got sick of getting up numerous times a night to stick it back in, so now he only gets it in his carseat if needed. Surprisingly, he adapted extremely well. He now can fall asleep without it, sometimes without any crying or fussing! I feel so accomplished!
2. Kale rolled over! On Thursday I put him down on his stomach on the floor and turned around to plug in the Christmas tree. When I turned back around, he was on his back! I was very shocked. Of course we tried about a million times after that to get him to do it again and didn't have any luck until yesterday. He was on his tummy and just flipped onto his back. We cheered so much that he got scared and started crying! What will happen when he starts to walk?!?!?

Not his favorite position anymore. (See post on 9-5-07)
Maybe too soon for this. (Yes, Peter got picked for jury duty) Our little elf
Eskimo kisses

He really likes the animal sounds apparently! (Sorry it is so dark)


kelsey said...

i can't decide what's more impressive, kale's turning over or peter's moo-ing sound!!

northwestharveys said...

I agree, I don't know whats more entertaining...Kales amusement or Peter's. You guys are definitely experimenting with this one :) Doing a great job though! So glad you are all having fun!

Kiersten said...

That' was quite a mooo! You have a pretty happy, adorable guy on your hands :-)

I'd say you're doing great in the sleep department, if he's only waking once and can now go to sleep without his paci. He'll probably sleep through sometime soon--but don't worry if it's not regular! Night waking off and on(needig attention) is common up 'till 24 months... Liam is sleeping through the night about every other night--though he usually puts himself back to sleep even on his more restless nights. When our routine was disrupted by my tech weeks we had to go through a re-soothing, re-training time again. They're so routine oriented it's amazing to me sometimes....

Love all three of you!