Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kale, Mason, Lizabeth, Jack, and Smith
Hello! Been away from Internet for awhile and have gotten some complaints about no uploads so here I sit in a coffee shop, updating all you blog junkies! :) We ventured up to Hingham for Christmas and had a wonderful time. All three of us got spoiled and my brother and sister had fun helping Kale open all his gifts while he struggled to stay awake. We had to travel back to Bozeman on Christmas Day and although it was sad to be traveling, I was glad to be with my two favorite people and would not have been anywhere else.
Kale turns 4 months old today. We had his 4 month appointment before Christmas at 16 weeks and he is just a little peanut! He weighed 11 pounds and 6 ounces, exactly 2 pounds more than last time. He is only in the 5th percentile for height and weight but the 25th percentile for head circumference. Nothing to worry about though, he is growing but he's just a little guy, which I personally don't mind! He is always moving and looking around. Nursing now has to happen in silence and darkness, otherwise he wants to look around too much. We're trying to get on a schedule and so far he has been a champ. He loves playing with his dad, almost as much as his dad loves playing with him! Kale has lots of smiles for everyone and could be described as a flirt. We love our little guy and have more fun all the time. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Check out the pictures here.


Joanie said...

Hooray - an update! I must confess that I had to force myself not to check every 15 minutes this afternoon to see if you had been to the coffee shop yet. We love the slide show and loved having you here for Christmas. It was a very special time - thanks for making the trip! Kale is such a great little guy and his parents are pretty cool too! Happy New Year!

northwestharveys said...

That's a pretty cute picture of all those guys!

I'm glad you had a great Christmas! And where with your favorite people...but we missed you :)

peter and naomi said...

Just want to clarify that Peter and Kale are the favorite people I was talking about.