Monday, January 7, 2008

my husband

My husband is living proof that if you let go of your expectations of what you think you want in a spouse, God will exceed those expectations 10-fold. I cannot thank God enough for the blessing that is Peter. He really is my prince charming. Let me list just a FEW of the things he has done for me in the last month.

~Christmas (highlights)
~His presents are always heartfelt and thoughtful. He first let me sleep through the night while he got up and cared for Kalen. Kalen was a champ and proceeded to get up 3 times that night!
~He wrote me a love/Christmas letter. He always has truly touching things to say that I know come from his heart.
~He and Kale made me Kale's footprint and handprint out of clay.
~He got me a book about communicating in a marriage and we have begun to read it together.
~We house sat a few days after Christmas and he made a second Christmas for us, just the 3 in our family. He took the time to make a fire, fill our stockings and give us our very own Christmas.

~I complained about being a bit stressed out the other day. He helped make dinner and then
poured me a glass of wine and drew me a bath. He took Kale and I had some alone time.

~I got to sleep in on New Year's Day while he took care of Kalen.

~On Sunday, I got to sleep in yet again while he cared for Kale. Not only that, I awoke to all our Christmas decorations put away, the tree outside and all the needles cleaned up. He then began organizing our pantry cupboard, something I had been meaning to do for awhile. Then he went grocery shopping for dinner that night and proceeded to make the best lasagna I have ever had.

~His love for our son is so obvious, it makes my heart swell.

~He strives to be the husband and father that God wants him to be.

This is just a small glimpse into the life I am blessed with. I can't praise the Lord enough for my wonderful husband. Peter, you mean the world to me.

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